Youtube, the Memory of Education

by marcsexton

Most of the young internet users are on Youtube for leisurely purposes. Despite the wealth of knowledge present on the site, most of it gets lost amongst the plethora of cute cats and people falling off bikes. Most teachers tend to stay away from this site apart from the occasional class viewing of videos. However, The potential that youtube possesses as a pedagogical tool remains untapped for the most part.

Even Youtube itself is making efforts to become more teacher friendly and accessible for educational purposes. There exists a section of Youtube aimed at facilitating its use for the classroom. (Tips for Teachers Who Wish to Use YouTube in Classroom)

Furthermore, the site can be used as an archive system. You could record the classes with a camera placed in the back of the room and put the videos up on a Youtube account created for the class by the teacher. This way, students can go back and have a new platform to experience the knowledge, a different access. This could be good for people who are more likely to soak in knowledge through an auditory form of learning. The students could have audio support as well as a different kind of visual than their written down notes or school manual; they can see and hear the teacher as many times as they want. If the students didn’t hear something in class, or they missed the class completely, they can now find it on the teacher’s created Youtube channel. (The Teacher’s Guide To Using YouTube In The Classroom)

Given, problems could arise. For instance, some students might be tempted to skip out on class if they can just watch it from home later that evening. However, this can be countered with other simple methods such as giving bonus participation points for presence and attending the class.

Moreover, it may help in instances where the teacher might have made a mistake teaching the class and not have noticed, and later penalizes the students on the exam for giving the wrong answer which he accidentally taught them as being the right one in class. Everybody has already experienced or heard of this happening. By having the classes put up online you could double check and rectify the situation.

Ultimately, Youtube can serve as an efficient backlog for knowledge, and a great study guide. When midterms or finals come you get to relive your classes a second time if you wish to do so. The moments are encapsulated in video form, which is the essence of youtube.