Twitter for Teachers

by marcsexton


The simple nature of twitter (140 character posts) makes it a great platform for easy, small games for younger students. Having them breakout of the standard “question and answer on a sheet of paper” form will get the students excited about doing their homework. You can create small weekly exercises, or full term projects. For example, you can use twitter’s hash tags to have the students follow a certain topic. They will have to read up on it. (Twitter in the Classroom)

To make sure they are doing the work you can have them re-tweet about the subject. You can also create your own hash tag subject for the students to write short 140 character texts about. You could do this once or twice a week, for example. This will also have the students familiarize themselves with the keyboard layout on a computer, which most writing is done on nowadays.

There is also the option for teachers to answer questions and be accessible outside of school hours due to the interconnectability of the online world.

(Twitter in the Classroom)

You can even create full term activities or graded projects. For instance, you can have the students follow a certain twitter (NASA, for example) and pick out a subject they find alluring from their tweets. You can then have them write a project based on the followed twitter.

The novelty of platforms such as twitter in the classroom creates room for freedom and ingenuity. There are no set standards for how to use it, or standard activities that are expected to do with twitter. Granted, there is a responsibility on the teacher’s side, but also freedom to be creative and breathe some fresh air into their teaching method, breaking the habit and keeping the students attentive and interested.