Scrivener: a Scatterbrain’s Paradise

by marcsexton

Scrivener is an application that is usually used by amateur and professional novelists and authors. Its main focus is helping writers structure their work. However, Scrivener can also be used for research papers and scholastic essays. The idea behind this program is to have a center where you have all you need for your work. It is essentially a management tool. (Scrivener)

You can have a virtual corkscrew notice-board to post your notes to in an organized fashion. You can store your research in a separate area than your actual work, all within the program. The left side of the window is composed of what is called the “binder”. Its function is to allow you to travel between the different sections of your work, your research and notes, amongst more.

You can break your work into different sections and work on them separately instead of trying to navigate through the full, sometimes overwhelming, bulk of your work. Once the parts are complete you can simply drag and drop them in their designated order. This facilitates browsing for correction and editing. You can also work on multiple sections simultaneously.

You can also do all of the usual; add tables and images, bullet points and footnotes, etc. (Scrivener Review)

Another interesting option offered by this application is the ability to add comments to your own text and easily recognize them as being separate.

Most work engines are designed for a continuous linear work flow, passing from page to page in their right and numbered order till the work is over with. Scrivener makes it easy to backtrack and find organization in the chaos of your own individualized writing process. You can also add a synopsis for each part of your work and each index card pined to the notice-board. Once this is done, you can organize the order of your different parts without having to opened and read them, based on your synopsis.

You can keep anything you want on Scrivener; PDF files, images, web pages, audio files and even movies for your research. Moreover, you can split your page to have both your research and information on one side and your actual work and writing on the other. You can also view multiple parts of your work at the same time to make connections.

Scrivener is the ultimate organisation tool for writer; ranging from stand-up comics and fiction writers to scholars and researchers.