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by marcsexton

The ipad is one of the newest class members in schools across the world. However, this does not mean its acceptance is without resistance. New technologies are often ignored or feared (to a certain degree) by more traditional teachers who already have their routine well established. One of the reasons for this is the lack of knowledge; the lack of education. It would not be all that unlikely for students to be more accustomed to these new technologies than the teachers themselves. For instance, many younger kids are very well versed in the mysterious ways of the ipad. Luckily, there exists the internet. There are tons of websites and resources out there to help initiate us not only to the ipad, but to its application in a scholarly setting. (ipad in the classroom)

The risks are worth the rewards. There are many beneficial aspects to installing the ipad as a norm inside the classroom. First of all, it is far easier to carry than 10 different notebooks and an endless sea of sheets. The ipad is a great condenser. It centralizes all of the students’s notes in one place; binders are replaced by virtual folders. Electronic copies of your notes are also much safer than paper form. You can save them using programs such as dropbox or simply by sending them to yourself via e-mail. Furthermore, note sharing is also made less strenuous. A student can instantly have as many copies of his notes as he wants to share with his teammates, for instance. (much more eco-friendly as well.)

By getting kids used to newer technologies they will most likely have to keep up with in their future workplace, you simultaneously have them discover the many benefits of the online world. The internet is the new world wide library, making research much easier. You can also teach students by guiding them in their research, making sure to steer them away from undesired content and teaching them how to successfully navigate the web in the most efficient and purposeful way.

The novelty of the ipad in the classroom will be stimulating to the students who have grown bored of the standard paper form work and exercises. This is a new platform for them to express their creativity, enabling them to search and discover themselves in new ways.

Furthermore, the ipad contains a slew of interactive and educational games, apps and activities. (20 Great Classroom iPad Apps to add to your Collection) These can be offered as rewards since they are games, all the while having the students learn and keeping them immersed in an educative environment.

And just in case you still weren’t convinced, here’s some more!

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