by marcsexton

Prezi is a fun alternative to Powerpoints. It is a dynamic platform for the students to engage with. Having them discover something, a new way to work, will get them excited about it and also force them to engage with the material, seeing as they don’t know how to work with it yet. They won’t be able to simply slap together a Powerpoint like they’re used to doing. This is a great new tool to use for oral presentations in the classroom.

Prezi is describe as an “virtual whiteboard” on their website.


 It’s aims is to create a more engaging dynamic for presentations, allowing, for instance, students to talk WITH their classmates, instead of talking TO them.

There are many different fonts and functions for the students to play with. You can have your presentation zoom in and out bringing to different parts of your page and presentation instead of the typical page by page layout of Powerpoint. Like I just said, you can have it zoom in multiple times, going deeper and deeper into different sections of your point. You can also have it move and focus on different oatrts of the same page once zoomed in, without having to backtrack to the original page. This makes it all seem a lot smoother and professional, and will be fun for students to play with!


You can also add sounds, music, images and colorful charts that come in all shapes and sizes.

The only downfall is that you must pay to have access to the services.