by marcsexton

WordPress is a platform which allows the user to create his or her own blog. You can even create a website.

(How to create a website with wordpress)

This is a different and original way of getting the students interested in their work. You can simply have them create their own blog on whatever subject they want, or even an imposed subject, and let them explore the web and develop. Maintaining a blog will require for them to read and research, as well as write, practicing these facets of their English learning.

They can work at it from home at any time, they can even work on it from their cell phone with the app.

(The app)

You can also choose from many different backgrounds. And if you are more involved in the project you can even pay for some extra features.

(Different themes)

You can also add different media to it, pictures, videos, and more with links leading to the original website or captions under them. You can also link content directly from twitter or youtube.

The layout is incredibly simple. Everything is well indicated. But just in case, WordPress offers an online tutorial on its website guiding step by step.


Here is an online tutorial video (just in case!)

(Tutorial video)

Students will get to feel like their work leads to something palpable. They will get to see the fruits of their labor and take pride in their site. It also allows them to add personality and get involved in the project. You can also have them comment on each other’s blogs as an extra assignment, having them interact. This could lead to some problems, but generally if the teacher monitors the blogs the students should behave.

WordPress is another way of having the students practice without feeling like they are working!